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Delivering excellence with an engaged network

Friday 30th August 2019 | By virtus-admin

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Surveyor questionnaire

Virtus Validations’ mission is to deliver an independent validation service for property insurers that provides the best customer experience, accurate validations and fair settlements within efficient timescales.

Virtus has been operating for over two and half years, consistently achieving NPS of over 70 during that time.

Key to this great service is our network of surveyors and its high level of engagement and support for our mission.

Virtus has a robust recruitment process for our surveyor network that ensures that the right level of knowledge, compliance and experience is brought on board. However, we believe that the right service is delivered through how we support and engage with the surveyors on our network, to enable them to perform better than others.

So we decided to ask our surveyors how they think we are doing.

We sent out a questionnaire asking for candid views on the Virtus business, engagement, communication and service delivery. We were thrilled to receive a 92% response rate – a strong indicator of the network’s engagement.


The results from the survey were extremely positive.

100% of the surveyors who responded said that our team is very accessible, even outside of normal working hours. This allows them to get help answering queries and making sure the right decisions are made.

“The staff and management are great to work with.”

97% of all respondents stated that “Virtus communicates effectively allowing them to perform well in their role and understand developments in the business”.

We believe that regular and clear updates are vital to keep surveyors up to date with different client requirements, raise awareness around key topics such as fraud, but also to make sure they know what is expected of them. Also, we speak with the surveyors on our network regularly, so they feel part of a team and remain engaged and informed.

A recent innovation that we have developed is an extranet site where surveyors can access key information 24/7, 365 days a year, including all payment remittances so they can easily keep track of money coming in.

We also reward surveyors for accuracy and a right first-time outcome through our innovative enhanced fee structure – a type of performance related pay which we believe to be unique in the marketplace. 88% of respondents said they felt they were fairly paid.

IT and Scoper

A cornerstone of Virtus’s service has been Scoper, our own bespoke, onsite validation software that was created and developed with input and insight from surveyors.

Scoper was designed to be easy to use, allowing the surveyor to focus on gathering the right information and engaging with the customer throughout the visit.

All data, photos, videos, voice recordings and even the Customer Service Questionnaire, are collected on site through Scoper and then transmitted directly into the claims management software in the Virtus office. There is no battling with software and no additional work to complete after the visit.

94% of respondents said that Scoper allows them to undertake their role in a thorough and efficient manner. One surveyor said:

“It makes the collection of data easy and straight forward, since the form has been well organised and planned”.

Another commented:

“The IT System is very efficient and allows scopes to be created quickly and accurately.”

The questionnaire also helped identify a few areas where tweaks could be made to the software and these ideas are now part of our current development plans to further enhance Scoper.

First class professionalism

On a recent case, with a reserve in excess £5,000, the claim was repudiated but the customer provided a compliment stating that the “surveyor’s professionalism was first class”.

Even when the outcome is negative for the customer our surveyors are still receiving great feedback.

Our approach to working with our surveyors brings a real positivity to our overall performance. Our combination of engaged, well performing surveyors, experienced claims handlers and excellent, innovative IT means that Virtus delivers real quality across all peril types.

Our processes and systems also mean that we can be flexible and adapt to the different needs of specific insurers or brokers, providing a more tailored service and experience for customers.

This is evident from a recent pilot we have done on escape of water claims for a commercial insurer – Virtus delivered a 66% saving against the initial reserve, a 33% repudiation rate and NPS of over 70.

100% of respondents to our questionnaire said that they would recommend a friend to work with us in a surveying capacity.

So, if you want to provide your customers with great customer service by engaged and professional surveyors, get in touch.

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